Featuring the entire original cast!

The ultimate obliviously awesome buddy cop duo is back! Due to their shoddy police work, every criminal they ever put behind bars is simultaneously released on Brick Braddock's 40th birthday. He and former partner Dick Steel must come out of retirement to defeat them all, before the band of vengeful hoods retires them — permanently!

Happy Birthday Lars!

Lars Wikstrom, Mark Andrews, Bryan Andrews, David Krentz, Chris Bowers, Saida Staudenmaier, Jack Hoj, Daniel Andrews, James Silverman, Sparrow Heatley, Mike Haddon, Louis Aljens, Stu Maschwitz, Cecilia Johansson, behind-the-scenes photography by Duncan Boggs, KTM theme and additional sound design by the old man himself.

Point Blank Sniper fans: cafepress.com/prolost/7456872

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