A man struggles to come to terms with life and love. Plagued and tormented by nightmares he has no one to keep him from drowning; or can his angle pull him out and bring him back to life, before he looses himself forever?

I wanted to make a film that people could relate to. The more conversations I had with my friends the more I began to see a common theme in their lives. Everyone seemed to be lonely.

So, with that in mind. I wrote a film about a man who was disconnected from his life and was blind to the reality of his situation.

Instead of using dialogue I’ve used images to reenforce his seclusion, jumping in and out of real time and place.

His torment is witnessed mostly when he sleeps. Provoked by a bear who attacks him as he lies bound, naked and vulnerable in a dungeon. The bear a symbol for ‘bearing his soul’, that it’s time for death and renewal.
However, it appears that he is not alone in the battle. He finds out, that he is not fighting this fight all alone like he once thought.

Director: Dana Newell
Director of Photography: Aleksei Vanamois
Actor: Greg Ritchie
Dancer: Catherine Meyer
Voice Over: Luke Edward Smith
Soundtrack: "One Broken Man" by Carissa Lehmann
Vocals: Carissa Lehmann
Lead Acoustic Guitar - Far Maguire
Additional instruments by "Falling in Autumn"
Mixed and Produced by: Shane Edwards @ ElectricSun Studios

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