What is the ARTsn?
ARTsn is derived from the word "artisans". In the beginning origins of the word artisan is defined as a skilled workman; craftsman. During the Middle Ages the term "artisan" was applied to those who made things or provided services. It did not apply to skilled laborers. In present day, we define an artisan, or ARTsn, as a person who has a craft in art in today's world. In a way that you process of deliberately arranging items in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. You are ARTsn. You are not limit to what you can create that is beyond ordinary significance. Whether your craft be motion design, website building, film making, photographing, deejaying, or dancing. You are ARTsn.

What is ARTsn Movement?
The ARTsn Movement is a network of ARTsns working together to create extraordinary outcomes. It is encouragement for everyone who has a dream in what they want to do as artists, to go out there and pursue it with your wildest imagination.

ARTsn Movement's First Photoshoot!

Photoshoot Director: Hac Nguyen
Photographer: Anh Nguyen
ARTsn Founders: Kenneth Le & Matthew Pak
ARTsn Head Coordinator: Kevin Nguyen
Models: Hana Jang, Susan Nowroozi, Elisa Ring, & Aaron Harsh
Videographer/Editor [LoadItProductions]: Toan Tran
Special thanks: Huyen Tran

[Thank you tuning into The ARTsn Movement]

Song credit:
Kanye West FT. LMFAO: "Paranoid Party Rock Remix"


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