Canon 1D MKIV
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 16-35mm 2.8
Zeiss 50mm 1.4
Glidecam 4000HD
Kessler Pocket Dolly
Velbon Tripods

Working with these guys was a blast, the rain nearly messed up the whole shoot but luckily enough it didn't.

The band spent alot of time setting up before I arrived. Even though I brought my lights with me, they had alot of kick ass lights already set up ready to go to, Everyone from the band to the fans/friends were really nice and easy to work with which is always an extra bonus.

As soon as we all finished setting up, the second I pushed hammered down with rain haha, we had to tarp everything and unplug and move things that needed to be more safe...lucky for us the rain only lasted for about 30min tops.

For the last pool scene I wanted to give the viewer the vibe that everyone was partying all night and now the sun was coming up...either in a timelapse fashion or it was just creeping over some mountains out of the shot. I asked one on the band members to turn my lights very slow to try and create this as good as we could...ha i think it worked well.

Its a great song and the band performed 110% so capturing what I needed was nice and easy. We all had creative energy flowing which helped us capture more shots on the day.

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