"I no longer think being in love is the polar opposite of being alone, however. I say that because I used to want to be in love again as I assumed this was the opposite of loneliness. I think being in love is an opposite of loneliness, but not the opposite. There are other things I now crave when I am lonely, like community, like friendship, like family. I think our society puts too much pressure on romantic love, and that is why so many romances fail. Romance can’t possibly carry all that we want it to." - Donald Miller


I got you something, but I wanted to surprise you in a creative way, rather than just telling you. Enjoy!

Love your friend,

This is, "Love," the third and final installment of "Robot Feelings" videos.

(Read about it here: karenabad.tumblr.com/post/48766743/robot-feelings )

Longing - vimeo.com/738587
Loneliness - vimeo.com/1071996


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