Short film about everything.

Poland 2007

#short synopsis

Two twins, passing themselves off as a lawyer and a prosecutor, start their insurance business.
A manager - an ironic idealist and cynic, a barmaid - felt down daydreamer - are the first who insure themselves’. A kind of theological, surrealistic, symbolic, politic and cabalistic parabolic love story.

#From Director's Statement

1. The Alpha and the Omega – a short film about everything.
The film is of an experimental plot’s character. Autonomized scenes and themes – as self-contained wholes are interlinking through characters and their ideas. There is no classic story, and the narrative is basically of metaphorical and symbolic character.

2. Metaphor and and realism.
Social themes, often current, play a supporting role. They place the events in the certain reality, time – they are the metaphor’s anchor. Basically, it is the film about an inner life.

3. Tempo and rhythm.
Every film has its rhythm that creates its atmosphere. The movie has various tempos since life has its various tempos. Once in a while time flies unrelentingly slow; sometimes it passes before we know. Time flies differently for those in love, differently for a long term-marriage. And, first of all, this is the film about time. About a change. And about lasting, dreaming about curbing this life’s dimension. The construction of the film also assumes the certain celebration, ritual – the same way a mass is said. A ritual, celebration has, as I believe, two functions. Firstly, it enables to displaying in a symbol the certain ideas, which cannot be directly manifested in the imperfect world; therefore, a celebration is a constant relating to eternal love, God, and even to a perfectly efficient activity. Secondly – a ritual should throw us to „fixation”, it should help us to forget about an ego.

4. Constancy and change.
The metaphor concerns, most of all, an issue of lasting and passing, a change. We long for permanence, keeping what is present at the moment (a moment - last forever!); we are afraid of change; simultaneously, we reject standing still in numbness, disappearance of automatisms (passions), repeatability, boredom.
An idea must face a reality; when the real world stops, a dream (illusion) materializes with the power of the dream itself. When time stops, the idea is eternal. Nevertheless, a motion – is a life. Motionlessness – means death. If a dream can have a motive power, there must be a choice accompanying it. A faith that something unknown happen can make us confide in the unknown. Insurance always concerns a future and uncertain event. Hope for eternal love consists in faith and choice.
Creating a world of film can be similar to celebrating a religion without faith. In our life, we do not need faith in doctrines but constant entrusting, in spite of an intellect and experience, in the power of every day’s choices that enables a dream to be reborn. What we need is a confidence in the power of shaping the world and developing a soul, implementing para-religious forms by a down-to-earth mind in a way that we eventually create God – our basic dream of the eternal love.

# trivia: Alpha Omega bios

Twin characters

Selected symbolic versions.
Alpha and Omega is God’s ruthlessness and mildness (wisdom/providence/love/a contradictory force) immersed in unlimited God’s mercy, a whole of contradictions which keeps the world balanced. Some cabalistic relations appear.
Alpha and Omega are two persons of The Holy Trinity. The third person is a power of love between them (personification of total devotion – feeling), so the most important is Relation, and God doesn’t manifest himself “in people” but “between them” (The Born of Holy Spirit).
Alpha and Omega is time stopped in a moment (Alpha, Omega – watches). The same as moments, pure forms and meanings stop as well forever. In a fraction of a second a pure feeling, already enriched with a synthetic thought but not contaminated with an analytic one, appears.
Alpha is a lawyer, and Omega is a prosecutor (a visit to a scene of death).
God’s justice orders to charge and judge, and mercy orders to protect and love uncompromisingly. Switching the characters (Alpha shown as a lawyer) symbolises unity of contradictions – inseparability of the world’s attributes - God.

#Trivia 2 (some political and social aspects)

1) Twins in government (Poland, 2007):
President of Poland (Lech Kaczyński) and the Prime Minister of Poland (Jarosław Kaczyński) are twin brothers and former lawyers (up to 2007 date). Lech Kaczyński died in plane crash near Smolensk 10 April 2010.

2) A Wildstein's List is a document which became a reason for a political scandal in Poland.
The present ruling group (the president and prime minister are twins) was in favour of a strict vetting of former associates (agents) of a communist security service. They cooperate with chauvinistic oriented part of polish roman-catholic church, chauvinistic parties in gouvernment and have strong conservative prejudices (f.e. homofobia)
The reporter, Wildstein, stole out a list of alleged agents from a government organisation and published it. Soon it turned out that the list was very imprecise. It contained only (repeatable) first and last names. On the Manager's demand his secretary brings him a Polish phone book.
But political element is the most unimportant in this film.

From festivals..
WINNER: 2007 SPFF SUBMISSION (Seattle Polish Film Festival)
This is no less than a film about everything: from A to Z or from alpha to omega. As the title suggests, the film tackles theological and philosophical questions against a backdrop of a story of two twins, passing themselves off as a lawyer and a prosecutor. They start an insurance business, where a businessman (an ironic idealist) and a barmaid (a romantic daydreamer) are the first to insure themselves. What follows is a surrealistic, symbolic, and political tale that concludes that ‘the unknown is our only hope.’

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