At the first AFA ArtTalk of the 2010/11 season (September 21, 2010), artist Will Cotton gave an insightful and engaging talk about his sugary landscapes, illustrating his elaborate and unusual studio practices and use of pop cultural references such as the board game Candyland with photos and colorful anecdotes. He also talked about his limited palette—he confines himself to five colors—and the influence of such classical works as Alexandre Cabanel’s "The Birth of Venus." Cotton’s work has been shown in group exhibitions around the world. Other projects have included a pop-up French bakery at Partners & Spade, New York, a set of limited-edition pajamas for Creative Time, and art direction for the "California Gurls" music video for pop singer Katy Perry.

Bakery at Partners and Spade, 32:10
Candy painting (first), 5:54
Drawing, 11:11
Figure drawing, 17:45
Formative experiences, 43:30
Influences, 47:30
Maquette (first), 7:00
Palette, 42:25
Perry, Katy, 37:47
Photos (use of), 16:49
Pin-up painting, 15:36
Portraiture, 28:14
Printmaking, 36:32
Props, 20:00
Scent, 45:26
Sculpture, 31:17
Set design, 20:00

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