This is a time-lapse sequence of The London Eye I shot on a recent break in London, U.K.
I filmed it on Tuesday August 26th 2008 from Victoria Embankment where it meets up with Westminster Bridge.
This vantage point overlooks the Westminster Millennium Pier where boats often set off from.

Each rotation of the eye takes about 30 minutes, meaning a capsule travels at a stately 26cm per second!
The total weight of the wheel and capsules is 2100 tonnes so you can't expect it to go fast.

If YOU were a passenger on the London Eye or one of the boats during the filming period then perhaps you may see yourself in my video, If you do, leave a comment, perhaps you even photographed me photographing you !

The London Eye normally moves continually at an even speed even while passengers get on and off so I was quite surprised when I sequenced this film to find that there were several times when it stopped moving all together, any ideas why that could be?

The first part of the video is the full frame view of the London Eye and Westminster Millennium Pier as well as
the Hungerford Bridge (aka Charing Cross Bridge) in the background.

The second part of the video at 1:00 is a close up view of the boats arriving and departing from Westminster Millennium Pier.

The third part of the video at 1:49 is a close up view of the Hungerford Bridge with the trains going across it as well as boats on the River Thames.

The fourth part of the video at 2:23 is a photo effect called "rotating mirror" which I set up by recording a script in Paint Shop Pro 10 and then using the Batch Process option to apply it to all the photographs one after another.

The fifth part of the video at 2:48 is the Kaleidoscope photo effect in Paint Shop Pro 10.

The final part of the video at 3:01 is a photograph I took from the very top of the London Eye on a previous trip to London, looking towards the Houses of Parliament, I have marked the location that I stood to take the photographs with a large red X so you can see where it was shot from.

I photographed the sequence of frames using my modified Canon Ixus 430.
I took 1610 photographs at a rate of 1 frame every 580ms starting at 11:10am through to 11:56am
The jpgs are 2272 x 1704 pixels which means its possible to zoom in on parts of the image like I have done in this video.

To view a nice Birds eye view of the London Eye click here :

London Eye website :

The music is Heaven by N.D.

Any questions feel free to ask, I hope you like my little video.

Lo-fi YouTube version :

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