Video by Union Tanguera. Recorded at the Maison de la Danse, April 3rd, 2010.

Unión Tanguera present their creation Nuit Blanche (Sleepless night), co-produced with Lyon’s Maison de la Danse-Lyon for the third successive time, following 2005’s Efecto Tango and Tango Vivo in 2006/08.

Nuit Blanche is a tangueran exploration about night. An exposure of its demons, fears, desires, instincts and
fantasies…A club, one night, a crowd: a sleepless night. A sleepless night to light the night, when alcohol and isolation bring people together…and tango as the only way to let the bodies express themselves.

By using a contemporary, pure and revised tango, Nuit Blanche weaves a sensual framework in and out of “abrazos”, alongside hatred, desire, loneliness, hope, despair, friendship, passion, love, misapprehension,
celebration and defeat.

The music is traditional, using original recordings, and contemporary with a new composition which places it in
a new theatrical perspective.

Nuit Blanche is the third creation of the company presented by the same group of artists and with an original spatial and scenic design.

For the conception and writing of this creation, Union Tanguera works in collaboration with the company Modos Vivendi directed by Rolan Van Löor and Jorge Crudo.

Nuit Blanche (2010)
Cia. Union Tanguera ©

Lucila Cionci,
Claudia Codega,
Rodrigo Joe Corbata,
Claudia Jakobsen,
Jorge Crudo,
Esteban Moreno,
Rolan Van Loor.

Original Music:
Pedro Onetto

Musiciens :
Pedro Onetto,
Nicolas Rainone,
Marta Roca Alonso,
Camilo Ferrero.

Scenography and lighting:
Gonzalo Córdova

Sofia Di Nunzio

Lighting management:
Gonzalo Córdova, Judicaël Montrobert

Choreography and artistic direction:
Claudia Codega et Esteban Moreno / Jorge Crudo et Rolan Van Löor (Cie. Modos Vivendi)

Sound :
Alain Penet (Fra), Stéphane Pauze (Aut. / It.)

Esteban Moreno
Coproduced by:
Union Tanguera / Maison de la Danse-Lyon / Karavan Théâtre /

In collaboration with:
Cie. Modos Vivendi

Helped by:
SPEDIDAM / ADAMI / DRAC Rhône-Alpes / Région Rhône-Alpes / Ville de Lyon /

In association with:
Holding Textile Hermès-Bucol /

Supported by:
Tango de Soie / Magazine La Salida / Tango Torino Festival - Club Almagro /

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