This work is intended to be seen as an installation where each film gets their own screen. For the purpose of the ACS SA/WA entry the three films were combined therefore the split screen was necessary. It is intended that the audience view the films all at once.

Lejla chose Canon's 5DMKII for the Spaghetti Western because the full-frame sensor & lens choices easily enabled a 2.40:1 aspect ratio. Sticking to the genre wider lenses were used.

Hollywood's classic film noir period is generally regarded as stretching from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. Lejla chose this approach for her 16mm black & white film. She used Kodak 500T stock which gave her that extra bit of grain.

An Sony EX1 with a Letus Extreme & 50mm lens was used for her third film, inspired by Yasujiro Ozu who only used 50mm lenses in his films. He also never placed the camera any higher than 3 feet off the ground because that most closely replicated the low position at which Japanese people sit on the tatami mats. Lejla found that the Letus had a shallow focus quality that's different to that of the 5DMKII which she really liked. It's more gentle in a way which really suits Ozu's style, especially the later colour films he made.

Concept > Lejla Sarcevic
Writers > Sam Cherry, Aaron Nash & Lejla Sarcevic
Producer > Aaron Nash
Director > Sam Cherry
DoP > Lejla Sarcevic
Editor > Greg Stewart
Production Design > Marcus McKenzie
Composer > Cass Crichton
Sound Design > Petar Ristic
* See film for more cast & crew credits

Cinematography Awards:
ACS SA/WA 2010 > SILVER > Student Cinematography > Lejla Sarcevic [SA]

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