Promotional information concerning the next episode of DOOM, a monthly club night in CLUB UP, Amsterdam, Holland. This time, all music circles around the general notion of the piano's place in dance music, and all its sampled daughters.

respectfully joined by this time's live electronic jam participants:

*Auxiliary Tha Masterfader (BLOKGOLF, NL)
*BEAR (NON Records)
*HyperHyper (NON Records) and
*MARIUS (NON Records)

The participants will perform covers of original dance classics thrown at them by DJ Weltschmerz and Excuses.
The Rest of the night will be an incredible dance night full of love and darkness, Propelled by DJ's:

*Excuses (Kits Zonder Blog)
*Weltschmerz (Kits Zonder Blog)
*Bear (NON Records)
*Renkas (NON Records)

'french kissing scene'
coconut juice.
christmas present.
pure uncut joy.

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