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Today's guest is my fellow Authors Mastermind Group partner Faith Deeter.


Faith Deeter believes in living an authentic life. "The purpose and meaning of life is straight forward. It is simply, "Be real." While that may sound simple enough, it does not mean it is easy to achieve."

Faith’s journey into the field of personal development was not always evident to her. At the age of twenty, she had a life changing event that was a turning point. She was diagnosed with the cancer called, Hodgkins Lymphoma. Faith feels it was one of the greatest gifts she could have received. “I realized then that life is precious, that everyone matters, and that a person’s innate value has nothing to do with external

Educated along traditional lines, Faith received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Santa Barbara. She opened a successful private counseling practice which she continues to
this day. Then unexpectedly, in trying to solve a riding problem with her horse, Faith's work took an unusual turn.

"I had a particularly flighty horse that many people thought was going to end up killing me, but I loved my horse so I kept searching for something to help us. When I came across Natural Horsemanship, I was
mesmerized and couldn't help but realize that the principles that work to create harmonious relationships between people and horses were the very same principles that could assist people in having harmonious
relationships with one another."

Today, Faith's work in counseling, coaching, and personal development combine the world of traditional psychology, and Natural Principles to help people transform their self-confidence, leadership ability, personal and professional relationships, and personal achievement.

Faith's determination nurtures her relentless pursuit to continue refining seemingly complex concepts to simple steps that anyone can follow to achieve greater self-confidence, more meaningful relationships, and a happier life overall. Known by people she has
coached as, The Calm Thunder and The Quiet Storm, she credits her most important training from the school of life.

“Sometimes life’s tuition is high but I’ve come to believe that our difficulties have the potential to forge us. Life remains to be one of my greatest teachers.”

Faith believes she was put here for a reason. Today she works as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Santa Ynez, California. She is a Life Coach for Peak Potentials, the worlds largest personal development company in North America and a
Transformational Trainer for The Torch Foundation, a leadership program for at-risk youth.

In 2003, Faith founded Galloping Through Life equine facilitated therapy. She is the author of, The Conflict Pattern Revealed, published 2008 by Lustre Publishing which leads readers step by step away from conflict and promotes harmonious relationships in all areas
of their life. Faith is an author, inspirational speaker, and avid horsewoman.

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