Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, Sweden - Christmas at Liseberg 2010
The campaign for Christmas at Liseberg 2010 is built around the idea that there simply will be no christmas in Sweden without the five million light bulbs that are switched on in the amusement park in November every year. Under the theme “We light up Christmas”, Valentin&Byhr has produced a tv-commercial in which the lightbulbs come to life with legs, big, heavy feet and little propellers growing out of their backs before they start flying out of their windmill (the park is run by green electricity) through the night sky towards Liseberg.

The voice-over goes like this:
As darkness sweeps over the country it is once again time to light our candles...
Five million christmas lights are shining.
It is Christmas again at Liseberg.
Welcome back.

Christmas at Liseberg shines with green electricity from Goteborg Energi.

Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, Sweden
With nearly 5.000.000 Christmas lights you can’t expect anything less than a brilliant Christmas!

Peter Eriksson, AD and Design. Jessica Torels, Copy. Cathrin Borgersen, Project Manager. Anders Sköld, Strategic Project Manager. Jörgen Einéus, Music.

Susanna Zacharoff, Producer. Jeff Boyd, Director. Joan Valdes, VFX Supervisor. Andreas Folkesson, Editor. Andy Galvez, DOP.

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