3D Modeling, Development and Animation Section
1. “Edwyn Model Turn Around” 2007.
Character design, rigging and texturing by me for a comedic animation short in progress. A simple animation to show rig capabilities. More articulation will be added. A MEL script rig is being developed right now.
2. “Robot Dance” 2004.
The same robot model from the previous short clip is animated, set to music by The Fray, showing audio dependant animation and timing. Basic lighting, modeling and shading developed by myself in Maya. It was my first attempt at 3D animation. Robot Model Provided.
3. “Edwyn’s Apartment WiP” 2007. All modeling and basic lighting developed and designed by myself. A work in progress environment for a personal short I’ve written and developing. All textures are being redesigned at the moment.
4. “Fox Walk and Run” 2006.
A broken quadruped rig and model of a fox was provided for us to individually fix and animate
5. within a class period. A simple exaggerated walk and run were to be achieved. “Generi Gibberish” 2006.
Generi model utilized for a lip sync project in a 3D motion studies class. This was an assignment to show character and story inside of action and reaction. The Generi model was provided.
6. “Generi Push and Bump” 2006.
Generi model utilized to show weight and tension, cause and reaction . Deformer use, modeling (excluding generi) and animation devised by myself as an assignment for the same Motion studies class.

Generi, Fox and Robot model credited to respective owners and used with permission. Edwyn character created and copyright to myself, the creator Aaron Remund. Music credited to DJ Krod.

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