The "platform of platforms" for this week ending the 07/11/10: Virtual reality gaming gun on the cheap makes Kinnect look like child's play, China hits the top of the supercomputer list thus beginning the battle to reach exaflop computing, computers running within computer games (Yo dawg), the airforce researching neuroweapons to mess with the enemy's mind, epic-epic-epic touchscreen vending machine, and the Singularity topic - platforms as a technological paradigm, with predictions for future platforms. What will the next big platform be?!

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Stories covered this week:
Reddit: "Dear Microsoft, Invest your $200 million here, not Kinnect. I guarantee this will sell more.", Virtual Reality Game Gun Video, Europa Universalis III, iButterfly, China Owns The World's Fastest Supercomputer, The Top500 Supercomputer List, DARPA Plans To Build Exaflop Supercomputer By 2018, Play Minecraft, Do It, Little Big Planet, Video of CPU Running Within Minecraft, Video of Computer Running Within Little Big Planet, Airforce Researching Neuroweapons to Overpower Enemy Minds, New Touchscreen Vending Machine (Video), Reddit: Potential Uses of Said Vending Machine, Reddit: "Human Beings Are The Sexual Organs of Technology"

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