Directed by Spencer Murphy
Starring: Charles Battrick, Jack Spong and Richard Sanford
Music: James Devane -

Dedicated to the memory of Jack Daniel Spong

The Journey Is The Destination

I recently dug out this film I made nearly 10 years ago now. At a time when all I was reading was the works of the Beat Generation. In true Kerouac style it is taken from one unedited roll of cine film. Thanks to Cyrus who got the Video transferred for me and overlayed the new score - the fantastic cover of Aphex Twin’s ‘Rhubarb’ by James Devane. I’d like to dedicate this to the memory of Jack Daniel Spong, a beautiful talented young man who burned more brightly in his 20 odd years than most of us can manage in a lifetime. I’ll never forget our times together.

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