Most music blogs nowadays consist of not much writing and just more of posting of whatever's new and "cool." The Interludes rebels against that, challenging people to actually think more about what they're actually listening too. Not only do they do things different, but they do it well. Very well. Matt and Sam, two of the three contributors behind the site, sat down with me recently as we discussed everything from their motivation behind starting the site, what they feel readers get from investing time into the site, and how they market The Interludes as "The New Yorker meets NahRight meets HOT97."

Before this, I've never separated an episode into two parts. However, it is more than fitting that this time would be the first exception. First off, as they mention in the conversation - they write lengthy, solid pieces. Well, so is this. It's obviously longer, being that it's two videos, but it's still filled with great content nonetheless (in my opinion, at least). Secondly, the video conversations I've been doing have usually only been on one person. With two people, they both have their own points to make so that extends it as well. As you can see, it's actually appropriate for this episode to be the first two-parter.

This is the second episode of 'Movements of Magnitude.' The idea behind the series is that while one individual can do plenty on their own, a group of people united around a common cause can do a lot more positive damage. These groups and movements are aiming for change. They don't want to settle.

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