A whimsical retelling of the classic "Caps for Sale" -but set in modern day Manhattan. Our young millinery heroine must navigate the mean streets of New York with a solitary mission to keep people lookin' good.
Written and Directed by Matt Kliegman

Inspired by "Caps for Sale" by Esphyr Slobodkina

Voices by
Dan Ajl Kitrosser

Alex Morris

Water Colouring
Molly Yestadt

Sound Design
David Tobias

"Les Clownes" by Nino Rota

Produced by Steamclam and Her Liberal Media Agenda
Workflow: To make this video we employed a very precise and time-consuming workflow.

Once the story was written, we had the pleasure of working with Alex Morris to make illustrations for each frame. The video was then loosely assembled from these black and white images.

The illustrations that made it into the final project were then printed on 11 x 17 paper and HAND PAINTED by Molly. Part of the reason this project too some time to complete is that Molly hand painted 115 images.

These beautifully detailed images were then shot on a Canon 7D with a 100mm Macro lens on a dolly.

This footage was then matched to the initial assemble with just the raw images and fine-tuned.

We began production on this project March 2009 and have just completed it. That’s what it is.

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