This classically cute Coke spot (to be released in theaters in both 2d and stereo 3d), presented a number of significant challenges so Sekretagent Productions, LA, reached out to Fusion to create the tricky CG fluid effects. The simplest was filling a flower pod with coke, but more complex were the effervescence effects for the extreme close-ups on the coke bottle and flower, and the stylized coke bubble that pops, falls into the flower pod and fills it up. The schedule for the cg fluids was very tight, so we had to work fast and work smart!

Effervescence effects are usually in the genre of traditional particle effects, but this project was very art-directed and the extreme close-up framing in the shots made the effervescence quite demanding.

We created an effervescence dynamics system, where fluid particles were created at random locations on the inner surface of the container below the level of the fluid coke. These bubbles then rise buoyantly, collect on the fluid surface to form a thin foam "head", and this layer then acts as a source of randomly selected bubbles which rise rapidly and pop to form the effervescence mist above the soda. The system was designed so we had explicit control on the amount of bubbles in the coke, the thickness of the head of foam, the number of bubbles in the 'mist', and the height of rise of the mist.

The bursting bubble that fills the flower had to burst with a character similar to real bubble popping, so we designed a new physics sim that peeled back the fluid from the burst point, a little like an orange being peeled.

It was a stimulating project and it turned out well, thanks to all those involved and to our great client, Sekretagent Productions.

Fusion Studios provided Ember Lab with fluid simulations and Ember Lab rendered and finished the fluid effects. Ember Lab did all the additional cg effects in the spot as well.

Fusion CI Studios:
Liz Catullo: Production Assistant
Lauren Millar: Executive Producer
Mark Stasiuk: VFX Supervisor

Director: Rob Cohen

Sekretagent Productions, Inc.: Dooma Wendschuh, Co-founder/President;Corey G. May, Producer; Sarah Feeley, Producer; Unit Production Manager Meredith Kleiner

Visual Effects- Ember Lab: VFX Technicians: Josh Grier, Mike Grier, Eoin Colgan, Danny Padron, Andy Thompson

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