Revere Beach, Massachusetts

At first I told myself that I’m going to record that event no matter what and then when I see that I have other important things to do, I said to myself that I need to play it safe and not go. On the day of the event I decided that recording it is just as important. I love shooting events and it’s like I’m performing a duty when I’m recording an event. I’m basically recording history. Another thing that finally got me to go is the fact that I especially like recording stuff with a lot of fast motion such as martial arts, gymnastics performances, stunts, etc.

When I finally got their, I got a little pissed that their wasn’t going to be any martial arts today and that it’s only going to be the dance and gymnastics performances.

In the links at the bottom, you’ll see last year’s version that had both gymnastics and martial arts. When I first used the GH1, it was a pain in neck holding it but I eventually got used to it. As you can see, although it was completely hand held without any support at all, it’s still not bad.

The lens used is the 14-140mm and the camera was on the intelligent Auto setting. The recording mode was 720 60p, edited in Premiere CS5 and exported to 720 60p to preserve as much quality as possible.

Funny story about my name being tilted. When I was going to change the size and perhaps move it a little bit, I accidently tilted my name. I said to myself, not a bad idea so I tilted to how I wanted it on part 1 and put the same graphic on all of the other videos. As you can see, I skipped the order of videos that I’m uploading. Because this file is so big, I wanted to get this file up before I do the rest. It was painful trying to upload a file close to 2 gigs!

2009 version:

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