Here's a video snippet accompanied by some experimental piano jazz. Adding to its crude and distorted look, the footage was shot off the reflection of a dead TV-set, and then edited and color graded in Final Cut Pro.

This series of jazz pieces has been my pet project for quite some time now. Ironically, the initial portions of those pieces came about as a fluke while debugging my old DSP programs -- instead of using soundfiles as the input for those programs, I decided to try feeding them some note-lists and then transcribing the output into traditional notation, arranged for a virtual jazz band.

Often my aim is to try develop new directions in music composition -- in this case, music too intricate for any human to play but made to sound as if it indeed were performed on traditional instruments and by real musicians -- a jazz-band playing the most complex syncopated swing as if it were their standard repertoire. Recognizable, yet so unfamiliar.

-- peer


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