This is one of my favorites guitars in my collection. It is a 1989 Washburn wp50 that I bought at a pawn shop in Winchester, Virginia. I drove past it for several days and looked at it hanging in the window. I couldn't resist, so one day I went in and asked the owner how much he wanted for her. We negotiated a deal and I took her home. This was back in the mid 90's. I have since moved back home to Laredo and still have her today.

This was the first guitar that I modified. I installed some Seymore Duncan - Seth Lover 50th anniversary alnico 2 pickups. I also installed an RS guitarworks wiring kit with 500 CTS potentionmeters and mallory capacitors. The combination is a winner for that classic rock sound that I grew up with.

I recorded this song using a modified backing track I found on the internet. I extended it so it would be longer. I did that with Soundforge. I recorded the tune in Sony Acid 6. I use it as a multitrack recorder. I played the guitar through a Behringer V-amp2 run through a Presounus Bluetube preamp into an M-audio 410 firewire interface.

I recorded myself on video as I recorded the tune then deleted the original audio file and replaced it with the one I recorded in Acid.

I always like this song by Neil Young so it was easy for me to improvise over the backing track. I like playing covers of older tunes, but can't play anything note for note, or read music. I play by feel and I am self taught, so I hope I did the song some justice.

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