This film shows Andy Smith, professional award-winning Australian bartender displaying his flaring skills during the Absolut Eclectic event at Ecoba.

Bar flaring is an elusive skill that only a select few bartenders possess. Flaring emphasizes showmanship, agility and sleigh of hand. It was popularised by Mike Flannigan (Tom Cruise) in the feature film Cocktail back in the 80s.

We are the official videographers for Absolut Eclectic, a set of exciting evens that bring premium Swedish vodka, Absolut Vodka to consumers.
Technical Details (info for the savvy film maker)

This film was shot in HD 720p @ 50 fps (frames per seconds). The film clip was then inserted into a 25 fps Timeline in Edius for editing.

Shooting the film at 50fps causes the camera to record more frames than is required for the standard 25 fps. Essentially the camera is capturing twice the frame rate so that when played back at 25 fps, the film is played in slow motion.

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