Ernest Truely is one of the authors of the project Tukk Sitta, a lovable misfit who exists only on Facebook from September 2008. He moves through social networks reconstructing memories by adding himself to other people's photos. He often appears passed out drunk, vomiting or in a state of confusion in your favorite family or vacation photo. Facebook users engage in the virtual performance art intervention titled Wall 2 Wall by sending friend requests, commenting on photos and by constructing narratives about the images.

During the past 24 months, more then 1000 digital images have been created by the authors and some of the 150 participants in the project.

Wall 2 Wall explores virtual space as a location for art production, constructed memory, and the nature of interpersonal relationships between the real and the virtual.

This ArtistTalk was recorded on 22 October 2010 on Sonica - Festival of Transitory Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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