Over 2 months of work
- 57 stencils
- 3 black spray cans
- 8 9volt batteries
- 3 different light sources
- many many calculations, measurements and camera settings adjustments
- many many many nights
- 5313 pictures taken at 15" each
Produced: Ionut Negrila, Mihai Calota

Some clarifications on the final video (Subcarpati - Am crescut pe la Romana).

The ghostly shadow of me, is and was supposed to be there from the beginning, because it sets a nice connection to the real world and helps the credibility along on the handmade part of the video. Everything you see is straight out of the camera, so you see where all the thinking and calculations were invested.

The story makes more sense if you understand the lyrics, it is intended to be a music video after all.

Post editing, well, think it like this: Look at yourself in the mirror - don’t you need a bit of post editing? Sure you do, but you don’t do anything about it because your perfect just the way you are.

I’d like to remind everybody that this video was not made to please everybody but I am glad it pleases so many people.

Oh and the music, I would like to thank Subcarpati (MC Bean) for allowing us to use his song and supporting us all the way. You can find his album free for download here subcarpati.com/media/subcarpati.rar .

Thanks everybody and enjoy!

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