America's dependence on foreign oil is not a new issue. Every president since Richard Nixon in 1974 has urged the nation to find alternatives to imported oil. It's an issue that has led the U.S. and other countries into war.
Susan McGinnis takes a look at the security issues surrounding America's dependence on foreign oil. She speaks with retired Army Gen. Paul Eaton who knows the history of wars over access to energy sources and discusses the relationships between America and its top oil suppliers. She also meets former Army Sgt. Chis Miller, an Iraq War veteran, who is now making another argument against the use of foreign oil: the danger to our own troops. He leads Operation Free, an organization promoting the idea of energy independence as a way to keep Americans from fighting in the Middle East.
Susan also talks to former CIA Director and Republican energy adviser James Woolsey, who details why importing foreign oil poses a national security threat, and John Felmy of the American Petroleum Institute, who believes concerns about the country's top foreign oil suppliers are overblown.
Eaton, Miller and Woolsey believe America must become independent of foreign oil, using American resources and technology to enhance its security by getting its energy at home.

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