“Simply our Land” is a travel through Calabria, in the South of Italy, while following the sea, its suggestions, its stories, its mythological history. It’s a travel that goes through sea-villages like Bagnara and Scilla, the abandoned rural houses of Pentedattilo and over the Stretto searching for the pisci spata and stopping in the city of Reggio Calabria, while staring at the sunset over the Etna volcano.
"Simply our land" is listening to the voice of the old people who live there since they were born and the young people who left or want to leave. As Roberto Rossellini used to say: “It’s an attempt to write a story in a very simple way, not as a story, but as human participation to everyday life.”


Title: Simply our land
Directors: Michele D’Ignazio e Lorenzo Aristodemo
Year of production: 2008
Running time: 28’
Category: documentary
Country: Italy
Production: Pan

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