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MTV Australia recently launched a new channel called MTV Hits. The channel is largely based around the idea of interactivity (many of the shows involve viewers going online and creating playlists etc. which are then played on air).
For most of the packaging on the channel, we got a plethora of motion designers with radically unique styles on board, supplied them each with a track composed by the guys at Uncanny Valley and gave them only two rules: They must visualise/react to music, and they must contain the colour pink (the Hits channel colour).

The U Control packaging is one of the shows I did. The show involves viewers uploading a pic and creating a playlist online, then for a full half hour, their face will be on MTV with the songlist they chose and comments by them.
The graphics etc. where done in cinema 4D and After Effects.

Other awesome Hits packages:
Nothing But Hits - Nathan Drabsch>
Top 30/50 - Maxim Zestkov>
10/20 Biggest Tracks Right Now - Korb
Top 15/25/50 - Russ Murphy

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