is an adaptation of knullträ
Agency is Le Bureau.

The sender of the campaign - Nationella Hivrådet, comes under the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control.

The mission of the campaign is to get young adults aged 18-25 using a condom to a greater extent than today.

- Purpose of the site and the movie is for people to start thinking about how many they really slept with. If a person has had unprotected sex with X people, so are still number of people you slept with higher, from an infection level, says Karin Rågsjö, Nationella Hivrådet.

The background to the campaign is that chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease and the number of cases is increasing every year. It has never been so many people with HIV in Sweden now, says Nationella Hivrådet.

- The idea of the film is that it is a race of people who have sex in different environments. All those involved in the film are used to stand in front of the camera, for example, is Lykke Li, Andreas Wilson and Kleerup with, says Eriksson at Le Bureau.

The film ends with an invitation to visit On the site you can calculate yourself how many you "total" sleep with and get the facts on how to protect themselves and get tested.

Director of the movie is Michael Marcimain at B-Reel. He has previously directed Lasermannen and Upp till kamp. The photographer is Hoyte van Hoytema and hab been the photographer for Låt den rätte komma in samt Wallanderfilmerna.

Nationella Hivrådet: Karin Rågsjö and Frederik Abbemo.

Workgroup Le Bureau:
Project Manager: Gustaf Sehlstedt, Production Johanna Jöhncke, art director Emma Eriksson, Claes Kjellström copywriter and junior copy Johanna Alverbratt.

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