As an active zombie supporter I've always felt that my decaying brethren don't get a fair shake from humans. So when I found out that a group of people had put together the Sydney Zombie Walk, I immediately jumped at the chance to film it.

For a couple of hours, the undead were encouraged to come out of hiding and allowed to walk the streets of Sydney without the fear of bigotry, violence, or unwanted LP records hurled at their heads. The police kept their sidearms holstered as well, even ushering the zombies safely through the roads.

A few casualties aside (you can only do so much to prevent the undead from feasting on brains when they are suddenly surrounded by so much fresh meat) the event went on peacefully and I can only hope that more of the walking dead come together for the next one.

This video is the first of the "This is Sydney" series, which aims to show the City's unique people, events, and places not commonly known to the rest of the world.

Shot on Canon 5D MKII and 7D

Directed and Edited by Carlo Ledesma

Glidecam Operator/ 2nd Cam - Dean Barnett

Special thanks to Michael Berman for organising the event.

Cameras provided by
David Sander and Dean Barnett

Lenses and Rigs provided by

Song "Walk Away"
Performed by Bears

For more updates on the next Sydney Zombie Walk, check out-

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