We are so excited about sharing the exuberance and profound beauty of Colombian music and sounds with the rest of the world! Help us sustain the diversity of life and the diversity of music by becoming part of this project.

A traveling visual album that lies in between music and cinema.
Evolving from contemporary ideas of field recordings, this film is a quest for the sounds and people of present-day Colombia, and a continuous improvisation by the filmmaker and musicians as we compose and create on the road.

A collaboration between French filmmaker Vincent Moon ( and the Argentinean-Colombian duo Lulacruza (, this project documents a series of travels through Colombia to explore its musical diversity. Exposing the different natural and ethnic regions in Colombia as we collaborate with local folkloric musicians; and making new music inspired by the music and sounds of each place and its people.

Colombia is the country with most of flora and fauna species by square km in the world! And its music is equally diverse: the result of more than 80 different indigenous ethnicities mixed with African and European traditions. This project is an exploration of the musical richness of Colombia, which is closely linked to its ecological richness.

How we will do it
We will be traveling for a month and a half in Colombia, going to 6 different regions. We will do field recordings of the natural environment and the daily life of the places. And we will interact with the local musicians, creating new music that is based in the tradition and its roots, as well as contemporary techniques. At each place we visit, we will do an exchange, offering free concerts and workshops to the communities.

Your money will be used to pay for traveling expenses for all musicians involved in the project, and it will pay for equipment necessary to hold free concerts and workshops throughout the country.

The visual album will be freely distributed through the internet under a Creative Commons license.

In the search for Colombia's musical diversity we will be traveling from the deep marimba music of the rivers in the Pacific rainforest, to the native Nasa flutes from the sacred lagoons of the Andes, from the timeless water chants of the Sierra Nevada, to the urban hoods where cumbia, champeta and vallenato are pumped through huge sound systems. In this journey we hope to show how each place is expressed through its music, and hope to create new music, in collaboration with the people and essence of each place.

Your help and contribution is vital for the project. We are grateful for your help funding and promoting this project. We can't do it without you, thanks for your support.

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