PIEZO is a self-heating shower. It uses the incoming cold water in the pipelines as ONLY source of energy. The interior is covered by recently developed nanofibers with piezoelectric properties - they generate electricity with the flowing water's friction and convert it into heat to elevate the water's temperature. It is controlled by a waterproof display powered by the same energy. The display also shows useful information such as elapsed shower-time and amount of consumed water, creating a conscience to cut down waste.

You’ve got €5 million to save the planet – how will you invest?

Science Gallery’s current exhibition GREEN MACHINES invites visitors to kick-start a new revolution in sustainable design.

Already over €3 billion of Science Gallery currency has been invested in the 18 projects on show at GREEN MACHINES.

One of the 18 projects on show is PIEZO SHOWER.

Launched at Dublin’s Science Gallery on October 14th GREEN MACHINES, sponsored by Dimplex and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland/ Power of One, is your opportunity to decide which technologies have the greatest potential to take us away from the brink of environmental catastrophe.

Each person’s investment is tracked and allows the visitors to go online to compare their choices to those of leading Venture Capitalists and green visionaries.

GREEN MACHINES: KICK-START THE REVOLUTION runs until December 17th 2010. It is open Tuesday-Friday 12:00-20:00 and Saturday-Sunday 12:00-18:00. Admission Free with a suggested donation. sciencegallery.com/greenmachines

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