‘Between You & Me’
A Solo Show featuring the work of Brandon McLean

‘Between You & Me’ centers around the idea of impermanence. This undeniable and inescapable fact of life that no-one, or nothing is ever free from. It’s a very overwhelming feeling to know that everything we have or encounter in life eventually must fade away. The show is about my own journey with understanding and accepting this reality of life and finding a way to escape it in some sense by preserving quiet moments and perfect instances through various layers of image and emotion. This work is a collection of memories, nostalgic notions, though never perfect from their originals, these captured pieces become a recollection, a blurry dream, aiming to evoke a glimpse into some kind of tangible truth.

Brandon McLean is an Orlando based mixed media artist who creates multi-layered paintings and installation works rooted heavily in the realms of nostalgia. Much of the work uses appropriated imagery, text, logos and stories from both popular culture as well as more personal, auto-biographical sources .” I find making art to be the perfect process for me to explore the meanings, and mysteries amongst life and it’s memory”

For more work by Brandon McLean visit his site @ elus1v.com/

For more information check out
facebook.com/neonforest or neonforestgallery.com

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