Splitboarding is a relatively new winter sports activity but it is already gaining popularity among avid skiers and snowboarders. This activity offers the best of both worlds. You can go Skiing or Snowboarding using the same piece of equipment.

The main equipment used in this sport activity is the Splitboard which has the same shape and construction like the average snowboard. However, Splitboards are designed to split apart into two that become skis during “ski mode”. An interface connects the two skis during “ride mode” or when you want it to use as a board. High performance splitboards that can stand snow conditions other than powder are available in the market today.

The dual use of the Splitboard allows anyone to climb the mountain like a back country skier and go downhill like a snowboarder. This exceptional feature of Splitboarding is the main reason why it attracts winter sports enthusiasts. One would not need the help of the lift to go up the mountain. Anyone can just ski or board by just switching the mode of the Splitboard.

Splitboarding is also ideal when going out in the back country as it offers added floatation, ease when carrying a backpack, and gliding ability. Because of the climbing skins located on the underside of the Splitboards, one can have a guaranteed traction while on the mountain.

Anyone who has tried doing Snowboarding will not have a difficult time learning this sport. But like any other winter activity, beginners should first need basic back country skills and avalanche awareness. For safety purposes, one should do Splitboarding in safe areas and during favorable weather conditions. A buddy system is also mandatory because there’s usually no ski patrol available. Besides, it would be a great help if someone can check on you while you are on the slope.

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