An evening with Brian Newman
October 28, 2010

Consultant Brian Newman surveys key changes in the arts due to digital technology, and gives practical advice for using new technology for art making, dissemination of one’s work and building a sustainable career.

• How has culture changed, past and present, as a result of technology?
• What are the new tools artists can use to experiment and put forth their vision?
• What is transmedia, and how might it be used by filmmakers and other artists?
• How have artists built sustainable careers, selling through social media?
• What have been successful strategies for the use of these new tools?

Most importantly, this seminar argues that artists must harness new technology so that they shape the future of our field, instead of it being shaped for them.

Brian Newman is the founder of sub-genre consulting, helping filmmakers, artists and organizations distribute their work and connect with audiences through innovative uses of new technology. He was recently CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute, and has been the executive director of Renew Media and IMAGE Film & Video Center. He is on the board of Muse Film & Television and the editorial advisory board for ArtPapers Magazine. He blogs at

The full slideshow for Brian's presentation can be accessed at

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