A production of ZieZo Foundation
for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Netherlands

(also available with Dutch subtitling:
Kijk je ogen uit met Avercamp)

scenario Anja Hiddinga & Ange Wieberdink
dirction Anja Hiddinga
production Ange Wieberdink
camera Ron van der Lugt
sound Bart Aarnink & Jeroen Bos
editing Jascha Blume
final editing Arnout Mostert/Edithouse

With clips from the show 'Frozen Movement'
of Handtheater in Amsterdam based on
‘Winterlandscape with skaters' painted
by Hendrick Avercamp


Jasmina Azmani, John van Gelder, Jelle Hermens,
Merel Naomi van Zuilen, Ige Verslype & Zilvi, the dog

© ZieZo Foundation, 2009

for more information

see also rijksmuseum.nl

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