This CARBON installation was presented in 2011 at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in Idaho. The darkened exhibition space included a 6 x 12 foot suspended light panel array with recent color imagery made possible through the Guggenheim Fellowship. A rare fluorescent mineral specimen glows within the capsule, which was built from a salvaged piece of bio-tech equipment. I retro-fitted the capsule with shortwave ultra-violet lighting and motion sensor circuitry so that the viewer’s presence periodically activates a white light, briefly contrasting it’s appearance as a mere rock under daylight with it’s fantastic presence under ultra-violet light. Two suspended parabolic sound domes and one speaker housed in the pump of the capsule deliver audio composed from processed wildlife and aquatic recordings along with sounds from space recorded by NASA. The blue LED reacts in real time to the dynamics of the audio emanating from the capsule. Rubber ducting allows the capsule to vent heat and connects it visually to the light panels above.

The CARBON project is an investigation of the unknown, combining my interest in the aesthetics of space exploration, microscopic discovery and abstract symbols. I am intrigued that so much of our expanding scientific knowledge is based on technology and imaging from beyond our normal scope of vision. I am also interested in astrobiology, extremophiles and primordial life on earth. How did life begin and what might it look or sound like elsewhere?

Crawling around rain forests, night diving with bioluminescent sea creatures, hunting for rare fluorescent minerals, these are among my sources for inspiration.

Thank you for looking and listening.

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