The creation of a brand new Postman Pat site that updates the much loved character with a 21st century image, complete with a mobile phone and a shiny helicopter, has certainly pushed Flash to a new level

We recorded Postman Pat and other members of the cast and then went on to build them into 3D models to enable the user to feel that they could really explore Greendale and the new town of Pencaster.

In the site there are living maps of Pencaster and Greendale where Pat delivers the mail, you can visit either map and any of the six locations within these maps. At any location you can play a game, download activities and view an exclusive clip from the new shows.

We also designed a cute device to get the kids coming back to complete all the fun things that you can do. Every time you finish all the fun things on a location you get a stamp in your delivery book. If you make all your deliveries you unlock a new secret location with new goodies inside.

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