by Little Felix is Heidi and Sean's adorable son. Heidi and I go way back- we've been friends ever since elementary school. I remember going to her and her twin sister Karah's house many times and playing with their pugs, dancing to the classical music they used in their ice skating routines, and laughing so hard that chicken noodle soup came out of my nose. Yep.

Heidi and Sean live in Singapore now and love it. When they knew they'd be returning to Texas for our high school reunion, they asked me to film a family video for them to give their parents and sisters for Christmas. I was thrilled and immediately started thinking about location ideas. We settled on Fort Worth's Modern Museum because I felt it fit the "aesthetic" of their lifestyle, if you will. They are world travelers (Felix has flown 100,000 miles), live in a modern house, and love photography. The location was great because it gave us lots of little options for video ops. We also threw in some Super 8 film with the HD footage to add a little nostalgia.

You'll notice a few shots of airplanes in the video. That's because Felix is super into watching planes fly in the air because Singapore is a no-fly zone with no nearby airport. You'll also see some walking shots. Heidi called me the day before the shoot and told me that Felix had just started taking a few steps on his own. I can barely express what a privilege it was for me to capture those tentative first steps on film. Truly priceless.

What a lovely family Heidi, Sean, and Felix are. Thanks you three for being the perfect subjects and making me love my job even more.

By the way folks, these family videos are something I offer to anyone, so get in touch with me if you'd like to talk more about it!

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