Tricking (martial arts tricking) is the informal name of a relatively new underground alternative sport movement, combining martial arts, gymnastics, and other activities to create an "aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists." Tricking incorporates a variety of moves from different arts such as flips from gymnastics, 540 kick from Taekwondo, butterfly twist from Wushu and double leg from Capoeira. Tricking is recognizable by its flashy kicks, complex flips and twists, and its highly stylized movements which separate it from other arts. An individual who practices tricking is typically referred to as a "trickster" or "tricker".

Thanks to all the tricksters around the world for the footage and inspiration.

Music Credits:
AZ - The format
Know - Adrena
Orbital - Lush 3-1
Pendulum ft. In flames - Self vs. self
Massive Attack - Heat miser
Sikth - Skies of millenium night

(trickster labeled "alexx" is actually Alex Sharples. sorry Alexx! :/ )
@0:55 it`s Carmichael Simon
@7:28 it`s Caleb Madrid

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