Sound Design, Music by Dimitri Condax

Animation by Joel Prittie

This is my first attempt at composing music/design sounds for visual media. And man it was a lot of fun to do.

I was looking for animators, so I asked around and some friends pointed me in the direction of Joel Prittie, who was kind enough to share some of his work with me so that I could practice sculpting sound to something fixed.

I tried to integrate some of the motion into the soundtrack, to keep it as ethereal and "floaty" as possible, to keep the audience in some kind of lucid dream or hallucination.

So far my only beef are sync issues. The splash as the diver is first introduced may be a little early. And it doesn't give the same effect as when I was working within the software. (i couldn't export video files from Adobe Audition, so i exported the .wav and tried re-aligning them in iMovie)

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