As Sam said last night, they'd been waiting 6 years to sell out King's. I was trying to remember if I saw them at the old King's. I feel like I did. Hard to say. I practically lived at the old King's when I first moved here, and then months later, it closed. Sad stuff.

I used to see Future Islands all the time, but then I was a bit maxed out on them and stopped seeing them as much. When Hopscotch happened, I was shooting for the Independent Weekly, and I opted out of FI on purpose, because every time I'd seen them in the past, they had asked that the house lights be turned off, and I didn't want the pressure of having to get good shots with no flash (that's how I roll) in that kind of setting.

Last night at King's, the lights were bright, Sam is well-settled into his new, much slimmer body, and the placed was packed. A far cry from the poorly attended shows of the past, when they still lived down here and were playing the Night Light and Berkley regularly. New shinier King's it is.

A bit about the tech. It's a new camera. I don't know what I'm doing. The sound quality it abysmal. The files that are generated are massive, even though I've set it to one of the smallest file size options on the camera, so I had to reduce the file in order to edit, then reduce the file even further to upload. Still, I think it's worth sharing for the content alone.

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