Watch your time.

OBS: Free for the first 5000 customers.

To the meek: Don't buy this application if you're not sure it is exactly what you want! However, if you are one of the many who dislike the built-in clock--since it's way to small to see most of the time--read on.

Clockulous is simply nothing more than a large digital clock, showing the current time, as well as the current date. You can use it both in portrait mode (e.g. when your iPhone is in the dock) as well as in landscape (making the digits even larger and more visible). Current features include:

- Show the time with or without seconds.
- Choose between several contrasting color schemes, letting you select the perfect fit for your viewing environment. (Includes Red on black and Black on red color schemes for light-sensitive environments.)
- Hide or show the date view.

Clockulous on the App Store:


Coming in version 1.0.1:
- Displays the current week number.

Lingon i Korg Software Creations was founded in Sweden in 2008, with the mission of designing and producing handy software applications for Apple's mobile platforms, including iPhone and iPod touch, as well as provide Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and related consulting services. Trivia: "Lingon i Korg" is Swedish for "lingon in a basket."

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