"The world is in ruins. The Red Button was pushed and the nuclear weapons did their jobs. Fallout has polluted the earth and there's nothing left to fight for. But that doesn't mean people have stopped fighting. Reds, Yellows and Blues. Battles between these armies are the only sign of life left. Unfortunately two Red soldiers haven't seen the war in months, because they are lost. Not fond of each other's fellowship, they hurry to the others.
Can they keep up the hope for a better tomorrow, when wandering around a polluted desert where even war doesn't bother to expand? Or does a better tomorrow even count anymore? That depends on which one you ask."

A schoolproject by five students at Kokkolan Aikuisopisto in Finland 2008-2009. Based on the same-titled comic by Finnish artist Kimmo Lemetti, this short film recieved great praise by teachers, students, friends and family. Now it's finally available for online viewing (though at a slightly lower than original quality).

For more information, browse over to audioclown.org/web/blastwave/
For the original comic go to blastwave-comic.com/index.php?p=comic&nro=1

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