"Are you sure you don't want something to eat? Drink? Gas money?" Brian kept asking. A very common question for me these days. Is it so strange to drive to Philly to film his band? I mean, if people drive south or take a train to New York to watch shows in a bars or halls, why wouldn't I do it for a private set?

The Lawsuits made it pretty fun though. Brendan, the bass player, lived in a three-floor apartment with a balcony and a pretty luxurious bathroom where we filmed the first and second songs respectively.

"Are you sure it's ok? I can give you gas money?" Brian, the singer, never failed to ask. "How about some Four Loko?"

Brendan and I spoke a lot of Brooklyn and New Jersey where the band rarely plays. The Lawsuits are a fantastic folk band with their live act showing a bit of some old school blues too. I can see why they would have a hard time fitting in Brooklyn where a lot of musicians are moving into an electronic-experimental type of sound. But they call Philly home and they made it seem so.

We filmed a few songs out on the streets where everyone really welcomed the music, whether it was the old man who owned the suit store the band played in front of or this rundown record store that house some pretty apathetic employees. Philadelphia really is home to this band. It's a great introduction to a massive city I've mostly neglected.

Wanderer Session #45: The Lawsuits
Filmed in Philadelphia, PA
Fall 2010

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