This project is a part of the 'Voting Machines' initiated by Casey Reas. 10 machines play their performances in rows delivering the 'vote' signal. My machine uses the 2 bit signal of yes / no to initiate each branch of dominos.
In this machine, the physical and virtual world meet to finish one game. The physical and virtual dominos constructs one set of a domino game with infinite loops.
Also, I intended to represent an aspect of the vote in terms of the social decision which might affect the other's decision and so on. This reminds me of the domino game.
The video below shows inside of my machine. The vote signal triggers one of the 2 solenoids which initiate the first domino.

After the last domino falls, the photocell under the last domino initiates the virtual domino and the motor. A heavy-torque geared motor rotates the arm to tilt the pane and stops after a small plastic on its arm blocks the optointerrupter. At the same time, one of the 2 output pins from the micro controller delivers the vote signal to the next machine.

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