Project: Sony - Resistance: Fall of Man
Developer: Indigo Games - United States
Production Company: Maverick Media - United Kingdom
Director: Lucie Friar

Background: Game trailers require in-game capturing and then re-sound designed because the audio track becomes too fragmented and unlistenable. This type of genre is about high octane action, textures, imaginary worlds and events.

How we did it: Our task is to create the audio track as if we where creating a normal film trailer. We do this by layering the location atmosphere tracks first, then start to add the events, such as explosions, gun fire, vehicles, aliens craft, and finally onto the detail sounds, desolate cities, roaring missile textures, interface sfx, foley work, and the alien screeches. We used contact microphones to capture the textures you hear throughout the piece.

Sounds we created include: Incoming missiles, title sfx, gun foley, explosions, interface sfx, alien craft sfx. voice treatment.

Music & Sound by:

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