In June of this year, Monkeywhale Productions attempted for the 5th year to take part in the annual international 48 hour film festival. Armed with a crew of 37 and combining forces with Mark Wagoner Productions we endeavored to make a film that we enjoyed making. We did. This entry was voted the best submission of 2010 in the city of Greensboro and will now compete against the other 80 city winners from all across the globe at the Miami International Film Festival in March of 2011.

Many thanks to all the Monkeywhalers and may there be many more MWP collaborations to follow.

Director: Harvey K Robinson

Writer: Harvey K Robinson

1st AD: Donna Smith

Cinematographer: Mark Wagoner

1st AC: Christian Parsons

Producers: Carolyn de Berry. Vijay Java

Recordist: David Moore

Editors: Zach Hadgraft, Harvey Robinson, Alex Maness

2nd Camera: Alex Maness

Grips: Barry Staples, Wayne Reich, Jonathan Faw, Owen McGee

Paper Animators: Stephanie Bowman, Jessica Penell, Mike Collum DeGuy, Chuck Edgerton

Costumes: Emily Stewart

Production Design: Melodi Fentress, Mike Collum DeGuy, Emily Stewart

Makeup: Rosemary McGee

Original Score: Wayne Reich
Musicians: Members of Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Production Office Coordinator: Kara Green
Production Assistants: Wendy Lou, Elizabeth Lemon

Actors: Matty Sheets, Elizabeth May, Mike Tourek, Cheryl Koski, Delbert Fentress

Best Directing
Best Graphics
Best Costumes
Best Acting
Best in City/City Winner Greensboro 48

Genre: Adventure Serial
Object: Bandana
Line: You think you know everything
Character: Martin Dockery, professional organizer

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