Our Microbial Organ: The Good and Bad Bugs of the Human Gut

Part 1: Living in a Microbial World


Presenter: Kevin Bonham

We often hear about bacteria in a negative context, such as the E. coli in contaminated spinach that made many people ill. However, the vast majority of bacteria that exist are not harmful to us. In fact, many of them are actually beneficial to our overall health. Today, we will tell you about our microbial organ, the many bacteria that live inside our gut. First, Kevin will introduce bacteria and show you that bacteria are living many places on your body. Then Nadia will discuss some of the ways we know they keep us healthy, such as aiding in digestion and stopping the growth of harmful bacteria. Finally, Kyle will tell you about how scientists study these bacteria in the lab, and some new techniques that will help them to uncover more information. He will also talk about some interesting new treatments that have been developed based on our knowledge of the microbial organ.

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