We were invited by Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny (Polish National Audiovisual Institute) to commit three interactive installations for Culture 2.0 conference and the Enter Level 2.0 exhibition.

Descriptions ( in order of their appearance in the video ):

◥ ORANY - goniąc kormorany 2.0 ( Chasing Cormorans 2.0 ).
Given the main topic of Culture 2.0 event - "culture resources/recycled culture" we've chosen old Polish hit by Piotr Szczepanik "Goniąc Kormorany" ( Chasing Cormorans ) and engraved it on a custom vinyl plate ( made by lay-belle.com ).Then we've hacked old gramophone, replacing the engine with the one controlled via Arduino. In the next step we've wrote special tracking software in openframeworks which allowed us to track persons moving around the gramophone and transpose their movements to speed/direction of the rotating vinyl plate, so the one could "remix" the recording by just running around :D

credits: Jakub Koźniewski & Piotr Barszczewski
( with support from Krzysztof Goliński & Krzysztof Cybulski )

btw. quite apt comment form vans.com ;) blog regarding this installation: "The results are hipster fun times with a dark creepy twist." ;D

An installation exploring motion as a medium similar to traditional painting.Motion and sound alters the speed of color change so one could create quite abstract compositions by just moving their body and making some noise. If an user of the installation is happy with the results they can upload created image to live flickr feed by just pressing a push-button on the black box attached to the wall :) To make the whole thing happen we've used Processing, webcam, Arduino and back projection.

credits: Krzysztof Goliński

◥ Veedback/Feedback vel Muzyka Kineskopowa ( Veedback/Feedback vel Cathode Ray Tube Music )
Video feedback on steroids :) Smart physical installation of analog camera allows the user to control the feedback not only by obscuring the view but also by moving the leaver that controls rotation of the camera. Although the visual side is purely analog the sound is synthesized digitally thanks to video grabbing card and app written in Processing. The algorithm shapes the waveform according to average brightness levels of successive pixel columns.

credits: Krzysztof Cybulski & Piotr Barszczewski

For more technical details see 1am.pl/blog/2010/11/istallations-kultura-2-0-conference/

Special thanks for:

Tomek TJFK Kuczma ( footage ), Szymon Kaliski ( music used in this video ), Agnieszka Słodownik, Paweł Cyrta, Zuzanna Stańska


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